Car Parking at Japan Tokyo Narita Airport


Car parking at Japan Tokyo Narita Airport
Kokusai Kuko Parking - Pickup and Dropoff at the airport terminal - Free car washing service is available.
TEL: 0476-32-0618
Email: mail@5931.net
Emergency Call

Japan Tokyo Narita Airport Car Parking.


Why don't you come to airport by your car?
We will take your car at departure floor and return.
From today, you dont have to carry your big and heavy bags anymore!!
This is the best way going abroad from Japan!!

Our system (We take your car and return at the airport terminal.)
Departure day
If you come to the Narita Airport by using the Higashikanto express-way,
please give us a call from rest-stop SHISUI or TAIEI nearest service-area to Narita Airport.
(From this place, it takes about 15 minutes to get to the airport.
SHISUI CITY or TAIEI CITY : 15km away to the Narita Airport.)

If you have mobile-phone , please give us a call from this area (Shisui or Taiei).

If you come to the airport by using the ordinary roads (route295 and so on),
please give us a call before arrive the airport also.
If you will not call us, You have to wait at airport.

Narita airport has two passenger terminal buildings, Terminal 1 and Terminal 2.
Using Terminal 1 or Terminal 2 depend on what airline company you use.
Both of terminal, We wait for you at the departure level floor.

If you come to our place, We will send you to the airport terminal
by our car(micro bus) or your car we drive.

Arrival day
Please give us a call after customs inspection.
And go up departing level. because arrival level is very congested.
That is to say , We will return your car at Departure level.
We bring your car to front of the terminal in about 10 minutes(best effort, depend on traffic).
If you using terminal 2, Please wait at Central Exit.Because terminal 2 is very wide.

Free car washing service by hand not machine is available.

For unexpected accident, AIU insurance company supports us.

1st day 3,150 yen
2nd day 4,200 yen
3rd day 5,250 yen
4th day 6,300 yen
5th day 7,350 yen
6th day 8,400 yen
7th day 9,450 yen
8th day 10,500 yen
9th day 11,550 yen
10th day 12,600 yen

We are very sorry that you can't use creditcard.
This price is 5% tax included.

We take reservation and question by E-mail
Fax 0476-32-0629

Chiba pref.Narita city.Tokko 477
Front of Hotel Nikko Narita
From 06:30am to last flight + one hour.